In today’s world, businesses rely heavily on electronics for communication purposes, transactions and even to make or provide products to their customers. When your technology isn’t working correctly it can cause negative implications for both you, your employees and your customers. The levels of frustration and time that it may cause to try and fix your problems can be very costly in the long run to not only the bottom line of your business, but also for your personal well being. The way technology changes at such a rapid pace can also create many headaches and it can seem almost impossible to keep up with it all and focus on what should be your primary concern- the running of your business. If you find that you are experiencing any of these 5 situations, it may be time to consider hiring an IT services provider to help you out.

1. You have computers but don’t know if they’re running backups or even running antivirus.

You have an office full of computers that you’ve purchased along the way but they all run different versions of operating systems or Office. You have no idea if the computers are getting updates or if they are running anti-malware and antivirus. It’s very probable that you would lose months of work if a system failed or is compromised by something like ransomware.

You don’t know if your employees are unintentionally downloading dangerous software or visiting malicious websites that could bring your entire business to it’s knees with the click of a mouse. You don’t know how to prevent an incident like this, and if it were to happen, what to do about it. Computer anxiety is real, and it’s the last thing you should have to worry about when you’re busy running a business.

Brock IT provides managed IT solutions and they’re a simple email or phone call away. The Help Desk is like having your own internal IT staff, just waiting to solve your problems.

2. You have a feeling that technology is advancing faster than you can keep up with and you’re not sure where to start upgrading to get the best bang for your buck.

You’ve managed to buy the hardware you needed along the way and it’s worked well, but it’s been a while since you’ve thought about upgrading. You’re tired of wasting time waiting on the computers to load webpages and it takes way too long to access files across the network. You’re not even sure where your shared files are located. If your file server crashes, your business could come to a halt until your ‘computer guy’ returns your call or you find someone to help you out.

Brock IT’s Help Desk is available when your business is in need, not just when it’s convenient. It’s all part of our comprehensive IT Services.

3. You have “a computer guy” fix your computers when something goes wrong, but he’s hard to get a hold of.

You’re betting your business on the wager that ‘a computer guy’ will answer your call, be available to come on-site or log in remotely, and be able to remedy the situation in the time frame that works for your business. You’re expecting everything to run smooth, but experience tells you that’s not how things work. You’re ready to react to an emergency instead of preventing them.

Maybe you’re ‘stuck’ with the computer guy because he’s a friend or family member. Switching to a Managed IT Service Provider can ‘unstuck’ you. Your business has grown since you started asking the computer guy for help, and you don’t want to burden him with the many changes your business is making to upgrade your systems and ensure reliability. You don’t need to put that kind of responsibility on family or friends; that’s the reason IT providers exist.

4. You’re spending more on emergency computer problems rather than budgeting maintenance costs.

With the Brock IT Help desk, we don’t just fix emergencies, we try to prevent them. Experienced techs know what to look for when a problem arises, and they practice good maintenance procedures. Keeping emergencies at bay are the result of installing and maintaining industry leading remote monitoring tools and anti-virus software so we always know what’s going on with your systems.

Ransomware is spreading rapidly around the globe; 2017 is the biggest year on record for affected business systems. All it takes is being connected to the internet to be infected or plugging in an infected thumbdrive. If you’re not utilizing an IT Services Provider to maintain system backups, then in just a few minutes after infection all your files could be unrecoverable.

5. You’re constantly stressed about what you’ll do if your systems go down.

Running your business is stressful enough, worrying about computers shouldn’t be an issue as well. Outsource your system anxiety to a managed IT services provider like Brock IT. We’re experienced in a multitude of systems and software. Techs are certified and practice exceeding industry standards. We’re often able to provide solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had.

For example, many business owners aren’t even aware that Server 2008 R2 is end of life January 15th 2020. IT Services providers are well versed in what’s coming up so that you don’t need to be.

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