COVID-19 has forced many of us to adapt to a work-at-home world. Your organization may be trying to adapt to a remote workforce as you read this. If so, let’s look at some security tips that can help your organization make the transition.

Set up a Proper Workspace

Ensure your employees keep the following best practices in mind as they work from their homes:

  • Keep home and work devices separate
  • Keep work materials in the same area
  • Set up in a low-traffic area
  • Do not grant home devices access to work devices
  • Pack away everything at the end of the day


Use Remote Access Responsibly

Remote access software allows you to connect to an off-site PC. This software also uses a central server, which is a tempting target for hackers.

If you need remote access, we recommend accessing the network via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). From here, use Remote Desktop to access the PC. Always connect with a VPN, as Remote Desktop should never be open to the internet.


Protect Against Email Phishing Scams

Your staff should always be on the lookout for these common scams. When they are constantly emailing colleagues, they need to be even more vigilant. When communicating via email, ensure they take the following precautions:

  • Double-check the email addresses of senders and recipients
  • Confirm requests for providing sensitive information
  • Report suspicious messages to administrators
  • Be wary of any external links, even from co-workers


Open Communication

Your staff will likely have questions as they set up their own workspaces. Make sure they can easily reach your IT department with questions about security best practices. Make sure you are holding regular meetings with your administrator. You will want to know how your team is adapting to these changes.


Take Notes

This is a unique opportunity to road-test your organization’s ability to work remotely. Take note of any challenges or frequently asked questions your team raises during this time. You can use this experience as a bedrock for a future work from home policy.


Ask the Experts

If you are looking to build policies and best practices for remote workspaces in your organization, BrockIT can help you along the way. We are only an email or phone call away and would love to help your organization stay as secure as possible.


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