It is always a good idea to keep regular backups. Duplicates of your most important data stored in a remote location in the event something goes terribly wrong. There are more than a few reasons why you should consider making backups a regular practice in maintaining the integrity of your data.

Computer Crashes

Crashes are always a nuisance and can lead to unexpected data loss. If you’re experiencing frequent crashes the chances are it’s corrupted or lost data.

Virus Infection

A very common reason why you would want to employ backups is because of the threat of viruses. These malicious programs are a known culprit of data destruction and computer crippling.

Hard Drive Failure

Hard drives, even under the best conditions, will eventually die. This can also be sudden and very unexpected. Hard drive failure is devastating, especially if the data stored on it is irreplaceable.

Physical Damage

Liquids and other factors can have the most destructive results. This is especially true if you use a laptop or tablet. Because of their portable nature they are often less durable and easily damaged if dropped or something is spilled on them.


Computers and other devices with the data stored on them are often the targets of thieves. You can’t always guarantee the safety of your devices, you never know who might be eyeballing it.

Backups: Start your disaster recovery planning

At the end of the day your data is important to you. The loss of cherished or vital data is permanent. Therefore, creating duplicates of this data and storing it on a separate or remote location is a good practice. Another option is online cloud storage or cloud backups. This keeps your data safe in the event of catastrophe. As long as you have internet access you have remote access to the data from any computer. Since computer hardware can fail and software or data can become corrupted this is a desirable option. Some cloud storage programs like, CrashPlan, allow you to schedule automated backups. That being said, you should check backups often to ensure they are still viable.

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