Brock IT is happy to announce a new partnership with Datto, an industry leader in Backups, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions. This new partnership allows us to provide cost effective backup solutions to small businesses using enterprise grade backup devices. Datto hardware would be provided at no cost to the client and our standard backup monitoring and management cost would be rolled into one, easy to understand service fee that includes the cost of either a YEAR of backup retention in the cloud or unlimited retention!

A Datto device is provided to the client for easy backups within their network which makes restoring files or whole servers quick and painless. But for the ultimate protection from disasters, your data is also backed up in an encrypted format to Canadian data centers with either 1 year or unlimited data retention. That means if anything should happen to your servers and your Datto hardware in your office, our cloud backups can be pulled down and restored to any hardware you’d like.

The truly amazing part about Datto is their “Instant Virtualization” technology which allows us to boot up your backup image in mere seconds in the cloud or on your internal Datto hardware.

So the question is, how much downtime can you afford? Days? Hours? Minutes? or mere seconds?

Give us a call today to find out how we can help you with your Business Continuity plan!

What is Datto Alto?

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