Cyber Security Consulting

Cybersecurity Consulting Services include:

Phishing Protection

Phishing attack are hackers that send emails that appear to be from a legitimate and trusted source. These emails look so real that employees can be tricked into revealing very sensitive information like credit card numbers and social insurance numbers. We would block any weaponized attachments, removing suspicious links and analyze emails for signs of fraud.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks are an increasing and worrisome problem recently for businesses all over the world. We protect your business by scanning all archived and inbound emails for suspicious links and domains. If any issue is found, the email is either rejected or quarantined before being viewed.

Vulnerability Scans

Our technicians do regular scans on your network to identify any weaknesses that a hacker may find. As a result we check for outdated operating systems and software, find poor password and security policies and finding any device that were set up with hackable user defaults.

Web Filtering and DNS Management

We recommend that you limit and monitor your employees internet usage to keep your business’s online risk low. It also reduces unnecessary employee distractions and guarantees they have access to safe content.

Email Encryption

Without encryption your emails are prone to disclosure of sensitive and private information. We make sure your emails are encrypted and remain confidential. The content remains unreadable and encrypted until it reaches the intended recipient.

Dark Web Monitoring

You will stay ahead of hackers while we monitor the dark web looking to see if any of your business credentials are for sale. If found, we would let you know so you can modify access passwords and such.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

As a rule keep your network safe by verifying a user’s identity by requiring multiple credentials. On top of the usual username and password, users are asked for additional credentials. Additional credentials could include finger print, code via smart phone and more.

Active Directory and Security Audits

Generally a periodic Active Directory security audit is required to ensure that Active Directory is being properly managed and protected. We will collect data about your Active Directory objects and attributes. We will analyze and report on that data to give your business the overall health of your Active Directory.

Data Security

Cyber attacks are on the rise.  As a result a data security program is now an essential part of a business. Our technicians will minimize any damage and make sure you have backup copies of your most important files with specific protocols in place.

Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training

One of the best ways to keep your business safe from cyber attacks is by training your employees about cybersecurity and what they can do. Teaching your employees to be more vigilant about cyberattacks and cyber security is crucial. We would teach your employees the best security practices and how to spot common hacking schemes.

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