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Upcoming Events Advanced Anti-Virus

Huntress Labs - ConnectWise Marketplace

Viruses constantly evolve and modern antivirus primarily focuses on actions performed by executable files. Huntress protects users from shady e-mail attachments, unpatched vulnerabilities, malicious web content, tainted USB Drives, and traditional threats.

Datto SaaS Protection Webinar

Datto SaaS Protection | Protect, Control and Recover

Ransomware attacks in SaaS applications is on the rise! As more businesses move their data to cloud, it’s crucial to be able to secure that data from ransomware and other threats. We’ve launched this SaaS webinar to educate businesses about data loss in the cloud. 

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RhynoGUARD MDR - Securing the Enterprise

RhynoGUARD™ MDR goes beyond traditional MSSP or IR services to provide a continuous end-to-end approach that detects malicious threats earlier, provides comprehensive analysis faster, and delivers actionable guidance for future prevention based on intelligence gained every time.

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