Habits are a defining factor in your business’s cybersecurity. For better or worse, much of your security will be determined by the habits of your workers.

Are you looking for a free and easy way to boost your network security? Get your team in the habit of locking their computers when they leave their desk.

Most of us already have this safeguard on our phones. We do not want to grant free reign of our personal information to anybody who gets their hands on this device. The lock function is a simple added layer of security.

Unfortunately, we tend to neglect this feature in our computers. Phones can be switched into lock mode with the press of a button. Computers take just a little bit more effort. In a fast-paced work environment, that extra inconvenience, however minor, can be too much of a hassle. Quick Tip: Windows Key + L at the same time will lock your PC instantly in one step.

However, unlocked computers are a security threat. An unlocked and neglected computer offers anybody a free access point to shared files, emails, sensitive documents, etc. This risk is amplified with remote workers, as the potential exposure goes beyond colleagues and visitors.

Ensure your workplace is not taking any risks by implementing a policy of locking computers before leaving them. Even if it is for a quick bathroom break, employees should take the time to hit the lock option.


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