At the cost of $5 Billion in 2017, ransomware is taking center-stage attention in the news. Especially since it’s so destructive and affects a vast range of entities. If you’re unsure if your business needs to take action to protect itself from this type of attack, the answer is yes. This affects everyone, everywhere.

Windows 7 has been the most affected operating system, but all types of businesses have been affected. Hospitals, corporations, gas stations, schools, there is no specific ‘target’ other than a vulnerable computer.

How can you know if your business is safe? Are your machines patched? Do you have a backup of your data? Do you have an IT solutions provider to manage all these things and future threats? Brock-IT can help answer all these questions.

Just one month after the WannaCry ransomware began infecting systems the pharmaceutical company Merck (paid $300 Million in ransomware damages), a Danish shipping company Maersk, and a Russian oil corporation Rosneft were infected by a variant of WannaCry.

The Top 5 Ransomware Attacks in 2017 So Far

1. WannaCry
2. Petya/Not Petya
3. BadRabbit
4. Locky
5. CrySis

Ransomware is stealthy, and encrypts data quickly! It can infect your system over a network without user intervention, and your files will be locked away until the ransom has been paid. That’s IF you can get them back.

Recovery and decryption is not guaranteed. Which is why backups are vital to recovery!

ALL data on your network is vulnerable to these stealthy, malicious attacks. 96% percent of affected businesses are down for more than a day. Ransomware infects internal and external drives, flash drives, networked drives -everything it can reach.

WannaCry, has infected over 400,000 machines to date -200,000 in the first day, including public utilities, corporations, and health services and has been found in over 150 countries.

Ransomware has wreaked havoc on computer systems worldwide for decades, but 2017 has been the most active year to date. Hospitals have lost patient data, corporations have lost customer data, and businesses have lost revenue in addition to irreplaceable financial data. Any business affected who didn’t have current backups either lost data or had to pay a ransom to regain access to it. In many cases, businesses weren’t able to recover their data at all.

Ransomware spreads itself as far as possible without user intervention using exploits used by the NSA. Once it’s on a machine, it encrypts all data on any connection it can find.

If the business network is isolated and an employee clicks a link in an email or browses to the malicious website the entire business could be affected within minutes.

Remember, ransomware moves fast and stays hidden as a background process. Chances are users won’t even know that it’s encrypting their data until it’s too late.

Consider This Scenario: Your business works diligently for customers, and then years irreplaceable data disappears right before your eyes.

The fastest way to stop a ransomware attack is to maintain a properly implemented backup solution and keep an IT solutions provider on call to patch systems. This will ensure that if your business suffers from a ransomware attack the downtime and expenses would be minimal.

Brock-IT can protect your business from this type of situation using sophisticated backup software that will keep your data safe. Not just safe from ransomware attacks, but also safe from fire, flood, physical theft, and hardware failure.

Data backup is quite possibly the best thing you can do to insure your business against system failures.

Contact Brock-IT today and we’ll audit your current backup system or establish a new reliable backup solution for your business. It’s better to backup what you’ve got, before it’s gone forever!

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