Brock IT

Residential IT Partners

We get asked by almost every new client and at least weekly by random phone call if we do residential IT, and the answer is no. Many people don’t realize this but Residential and Corporate/Commercial IT are extremely different and require very different skill sets and tool sets. That’s why a good residential IT company won’t necessarily make a good corporate IT company and visa versa.

Knowing this we have partnered with Tech Tutors in Brockville who are experts in residential IT. Their services are much like ours with high client satisfaction and a motto of “If we wouldn’t sell it to our own mother, we won’t sell it to you”

We met Tech Tutors through the Leeds & Grenville Approved Professionals program and realized our companies share many of the same principals of business. We both believe in extremely high levels of customer service and strive to be beacons in our community that business can be sustainable both socially and ecologically.

Together we offer our customers a united front with aligned values and professionalism for both their home and business IT requirements.

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