It’s Just So Slow! System Slowdown Got You Down?

It happens to everyone. We buy a new computer system, it’s fast, it performs all our requests flawlessly, but then over time it gets slower and slower. What causes these slowdowns?

There are many reasons your system slows down. Sure, we feel like we can just ‘deal with it’ until a later time. After all, we just want to get our work done, right? Well after performing a bit of simple arithmetic, we see that might be more counterproductive than we thought.

Take into consideration just how much time is lost while waiting for a slow or unresponsive system. Add it all up and what do you have? 30 minutes a day? That’s two and a half hours per week lost to waiting on the computer. And in reality, this is more than lost time, because it interrupts our creative process and our work flow. How much annual revenue is lost because we delay a simple hardware upgrade? It’s imperative to keep sharp the tools we use to make money.

If a new hard drive is $200 dollars, and you lose 10 hours per month waiting on a computer, could the upgrade pay for itself in a month? If you make $20 dollars an hour, then that answer is yes. Take into account what you could’ve earned as an additional profit if you weren’t waiting on a computer. Do you have employees? Multiply this number by how many employees you have and you’ll see that putting off a simple, quick, and affordable hardware upgrade could be costing much more than you realize.
Well Then, What’s the Cause of the Slowdown?

It could be older hardware or a small hard drive.

Without getting into the technical aspects, we’ll briefly explain using an analogy:

As a hard drive fills with data it tends to slow down the user experience. When a hard drive writes data, it needs find a place to put it. Imagine a librarian putting a book in it’s proper place. Out of all the books in the library, there is only one correct place to keep each book. The librarian needs to lookup where the book belongs, walk it over to that location, put it on the shelf and finally update the records to show that the book is available. What if there isn’t enough room on the shelf? Well, the librarian needs to put that book somewhere else and that make the process more complicated. It slows everything down. A new hard drive could solve this.

The slowdown could be caused by the computer’s operating system being upgraded.

Computers and devices, over time, run slower simply because of system upgrades. Imagine a recipe book -as new recipes are added to the book, the book gets bigger. This means it’s going to take longer to find the recipe you need every time you add a recipe. Maybe someone comes along and improves the layout of the book; you need to go through a new process of locating the recipe. Now the book has new pictures, new features, new security additions. These could all be part of an operating system upgrade. The same coil binder you have been using to hold the pages together might not be able to handle the improved recipe book format. You need new hardware to support the upgrades.
How to Resurrect Zombie-like Systems with Simple Hardware Upgrades

Since systems inevitably slow down over time, it’s important to maintain hardware upgrades to keep employee efficiency high. Every minute waiting for the computer to finish a task, to load a website, to save a file contributes to lost time and in turn lost revenue.

Simple hardware upgrades are one of the easiest ways to boost productivity and efficiency. Key times to do this are after milestone operating system updates or when installing new software that requires faster hardware. Speedy solutions will include faster disk drives, larger disk drives, additional memory, and up-to-date network hardware. Only a professional review of each system will indicate which hardware can be upgraded.

Why Drive a Ferrari Though a School Zone?

Imagine owning a sports car, but always having to drive through a school zone to get to work. Having outdated network hardware could mean that the traffic is being slowed down to drive through a school zone instead of taking the highway. A trip that should take 5 minutes to complete instead takes 30.

Outdated network hardware is one of the most overlooked aspects of business equipment. A wifi router or wireless access point can seem like a buy-it-once and forget-about-it-until-it-breaks piece of equipment. But it’s quite possible that the business has simply outgrown the devices capacity or abilities.

If fact, many businesses aren’t aware that they are using outdated network hardware. This can mean that they’re not realizing the full potential of their network.

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