VoIP DeskphonesWhat Invention Was More Important Than The First Telephone?

The second one, of course!

Whether you’re business is just getting started or it’s been around since the second telephone was invented, you know that nothing beats face to face meetings with your clients; after that comes phone conversations. Reliable phone conversations!

There’s nothing more unprofessional than losing a connection in the middle of a consultation or sale, because of an outdated or broken telephone system.

Anyone who’s been around long enough to remember plain old telephone systems can tell you that today’s managed telephony solutions and cloud PBX are to the desk phone what a smart phone is to the first cell phones. Cloud PBX features, as expected, work seamlessly with your workflow allowing for instant, on-demand use and scalability. Plus, they look great and who doesn’t love that?

Cloud PBX vs traditional telephone systems isn’t even a contest anymore. It’s the only way to do business. We’re not just talking about features, portability, adaptability, and scalability, but low upfront costs as well as low-cost transitions. Cloud PBX solutions offer ‘Pay-As-You-Grow’, so small businesses can start small, often times with a single phone, and then bring more phones online as they hire new employees. Pricing scales as your business scales; which is how it should be. There’s no need to pay for an enterprise phone solution that you can’t afford at start-up and then can’t effortlessly upgrade later when your business is growing.

Let’s be honest, most businesses don’t care about all the features of a phone system, they just want it to work as expected when it’s supposed to. This where Brock-IT steps in. Fully managed telephony is something we’re here to help you with. We’re familiar with the entire process from pre-purchase planning to implementation and maintenance. We provide knowledgeable solutions and have experience that benefits a business.

When your business is growing, the last thing you need to spend your limited time doing is researching what kind of phone system your business needs. Growing is rapid and often unexpected process, and taking time to organize a phone system isn’t going to help you go home on-time -that’s why you should consult Brock-IT. We know what the right solution is for your business type and size.

A Do-It-Yourself phone solution looks like this:
1. Decide on a communications provider
2. Review system plans and pricing
3. Review telephone hardware for different users
4. System installation
5. System integration with current technology
6. User setup
7. Phone setup
8. System testing
9. System upgrades
10. System maintenance

Sure you could spend time learning about VOIP systems and how to install one for your business OR you could call Brock-IT. After all, wouldn’t you rather spend time running your business than learning how to set up, troubleshoot, and support a telephone solution? Wouldn’t you like something that just works the way you expect it to each time you need it?

Cloud PBX is your always-on, complete and reliable VOIP business phone system delivered right from the cloud. With over 40 features, including custom music on hold, your telephone system will look and sound just as professional as your business.

Entry-Level to Executive Hardware

Hand-me-downs aren’t just for clothes and cars anymore. Bill in accounting doesn’t need a professional color display, but your might! Upgrade anytime and pass your existing devices to new hires.

As you bring more employees on-board, you’ll have a wide selection of great looking phones with all the features you’ll ever need to choose from.

The best part is they just work exactly as you would expect! The hardware and software are intuitive, so buttons are where you’d expect. When you’re in a call, appropriate call options are present on the LCD. If you want your office number to ring your mobile while you’re away from your desk, this is the solution you need.

Priced competitively, the VOIP solutions that Brock-IT recommends are exactly what you’re looking for, if you’re in the market for a phone system.

We can answer questions and provide professional guidance on what solution is best for your office. Call us today for a “phone consultation” phone consultation.

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