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We protect your business from malware, ransomware, hacks, and other cyber threats.

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Brock IT

We are an IT Partner in a world of IT Service Providers. 

We offer a 360-degree coverage, virtual IT department for small to medium sized business across Canada. From the CIO level, all the way down to the level 1 service technician.

 Included in our basic service is a powerful cyber security strategy and enterprise grade technology to secure your business from malicious action.


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Managed IT Services

Network and Security Audits

Our technicians will audit your system and environment to help determine what you’ll need to keep your business and your data safe and prosperous!

Client Focused

We’re here to keep you, your company, and your staff focused on what matters most through regular meetings with your personal account manager

Motivated by Metrics

We pride ourselves on ensuring rapid time to resolution and even faster response times. Meaning you will always get the best out of us!

Employee Driven

We pride ourselves on keeping our employees happy. Studies have shown that a happy employee will perform better for their company

Security and Backups

We offer the best in Cyber Security as well as Backup Services. Your data matters and is integral to your business success. We know that and do what needs to be done to protect your data.

Disaster Recovery 

Data backups are vital to recovering from a disaster. We put redundancies in place to help protect you against catastrophe.

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We are often asked similar IT questions. Therefore, we have compiled a list of common questions and answers to help guide you to solve your IT issues.

How do I protect my business operations from hackers?

By taking the proper precautions, your business can avoid online threats.   Here are some tips to beefing up your business Internet security

  • Limiting access to certain online information and blocking certain sites from being viewed
  • Update your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs
  • Install a network firewall
  • Regularly change your passwords
  • Choose an Internet package that has built-in security features
  • Keep your customer data secure and encrypted

We can help you find the right solution for you.

What is the best way to protect against viruses?

Viruses can be a pain when they infect your computer, but there are ways to help protect yourself against computer viruses.

  • Get anti-virus software for your computer.  There are many options available both free and paid.
  • Always keep your Operating System updated.
  • Most Operating Systems allows you to turn on User Account Control.  This feature alerts you when software makes a change to your computer.
  • Think twice before clicking that link.  There are many malicious emails and messages telling you to “click here” or “look at this”.  
  • Ensure the site you are viewing is secure.  Look for “https” in the URL and some browsers actually have a little lock icon beside the URL.
  • Only download software from trusted sites.

Let us help you find the right steps to keep you safe.

What is the best method for backup of my data?

There are different methods to back up your data from using an external drive to backing your data on a remote server over the Internet.  Backing up to an external drive, like a USB stick, it cheap and quick by using your computer’s built-in backup software.  Backing up over the internet usually costs money, but you are protected against any type of data loss. Contact us to discuss your options

What email system should I be using?
An email system is a network of computers handling electronic mail (email) on the Internet. An email system includes user machines running programs that compose, send, retrieve, and view messages. Agent machines are part of the mail handling system. We have several different options available depending on what your are looking for. Contact us to discuss your needs.

How often should I be replacing computers and network equipment?
Ideally your purchase of business computers and network gear would be staggered over multiple years ensuring life cycle planning on a 1-5 year plan. Our virtual CIO service is designed to help with all your IT budgeting needs like planning out new hardware purchases and coming up with a reasonable yearly budget based on your growth.

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