Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services combine the attention of an in-house IT team with the savings of an outside contractor. Our contributions to your business can range from disaster planning and IT maintenance to rate negotiations with telecommunications providers.  This is all done with a virtual model that saves you time, space, and money.

Managed IT Services are a progressive solution to the old IT support models. How would this new model fit into your business, and how will it help you?



The Costs of Poor Support

Small businesses and growing organizations need to focus on their business processes, not their IT woes. Your Network and IT security should be functioning with minimal hassle. Unfortunately, you may be one of the many growing businesses that are dealing with subpar IT support.

You may be facing ongoing technical issues or dreading a catastrophe. Your business may have even outgrown its current level of IT support. Either way, you need experienced professionals to keep your business safe and running.

Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with poor network support and limited cyber security. These vulnerabilities can lead to network downtime.

Downtime can cost thousands of dollars. Weak network security puts sensitive data at risk. Internet connection disruptions can paralyze an office. These problems can turn into nightmares for business owners and employees alike.

So, what do you do to protect yourself? How do you ensure that your network security is adequate before a disaster hits your workplace? And what can you do in a worst-case scenario?

The Old Approach

The traditional model is to call for help when a crisis comes. Much like calling a plumber or an HVAC technician, seeking out an IT contractor wherever you run into a problem seems like the simplest solution. This solution, however, comes with a big cost to your business.
An IT contractor can react to a crisis, but you will have to work around their schedule. The downtime between the call and the fix can be painful, especially for small business owners. Once a contractor arrives, they will have to be brought up to speed with your network before they come up with a solution. Once they come up with a solution, you must hope it sticks. Many IT crisis can be a symptom of a larger problem they your contractor may not address.
If you are seeking more oversight you can also hire an in-house IT department for ongoing support services. That solution requires additional salaries and onboarding. For some businesses, this may be the best option. Many businesses, however, need a more flexible solution.
This is where our services come in.

A Modern Solution

Our Managed IT Services give you the benefit of a dedicated IT team without the hassle. Our focus on response time means that we will be there for you when you need us.
With our managed IT support, you will have unlimited access to decades of IT experience. Our comprehensive monitoring systems provide you with real-time reporting. You will get feedback on your infrastructure, including hard drives, back-up devices, server temperature and even your networking equipment.
You will also get a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) on your team. We will meet with your vCIO regularly to review your network environment, report potential issues, and explain solutions that have been implemented. Our detailed reporting provides insight into the health of your IT infrastructure and future strategies to ensure all your computers and devices remain up to date.
The flat rate model we use keeps us invested in your business’s uptime. This mode keeps surprise IT spending at bay, giving you predictable monthly labour costs.
From network security to cloud computing, cloud services and beyond, we can meet your IT needs. We are local, responsive, and dedicated to our clients. Your business deserves the attention of experienced IT professionals and we are here to provide it.
Managed IT Services give you the “set it and forget it” piece of mind you need.

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Adopting a Managed IT Services model gives business owners simplicity and peace of mind.

Our services provide an array of benefits, including:

• Business IT Support – We assist with hardware installation and maintenance, vCIO service, cyber security, backups, and disaster recovery.
• 24/7 peace of mind – Our managed services provides your business with a full-service, dedicated IT professional. This saves you the stress and cost of staffing an IT department.
• Reduced Risk – We monitor your systems to not only mitigate risks and vulnerabilities, but to avoid them altogether.
• Compliance and Security – Our process ensures minimum risks associated with maintaining sensitive information, client data and financial records.
• Proactive Solution – Our forward-thinking approach means you experience better performance, nearly no downtime, and fewer problems.
• Predictable Spending – You know exactly what your IT labour costs will be every month. No surprises!
• Competitive Advantage – Managed IT Services allows you to have a virtual IT department, giving you the ability to compete with larger companies more effectively.
• Lower Costs – Lower operating costs and budgeted network upgrades means less chance of expensive network disasters
• Access to IT Professionals – We are your virtual in-house IT team. You will have access to all our knowledge and expertise for any IT question you have.
• Supplier Management – We handle all the technical dealings with software and hardware vendors, so you do not have to.
• Latest and Greatest Technology – We stay up to date with technology and work on your behalf to implement new tech quickly and affordably.
• Fast Response Time – With remote access, we can be implementing updates and solutions on your network within minutes.
• Disaster Recovering Planning – We tailor make disaster recovery plans to meet the unique needs of your business.
• Reasonable Pricing Standards – We help negotiate for better rates with third parties according to our fair price standards.

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