Brock IT offers Managed IT Services to Ontario Businesses, Municipalities and Institutions. We service companies with multiple locations. We pride ourselves as being the IT Department for our partners.

We also do a high-level Cyber Security and Infrastructure Audit for businesses and municipalities. Our audits help other Managed Service providers and internal IT staff fix issues found at their clients or places of employment. We have not completed an audit without finding issues to address. Some of these issues have required urgent attention.

Brock IT looks at all the technology a Business has and works to make it simple, cost effective and efficient for the people who need Information Technology. We collaborate we many internet and telephony companies and make sure you are paying the right price and getting the best service. We handle everything from “A to Z” in Technology. This includes self-administered security cameras. Our people understand the leading-edge technologies to reduce any risks to you and your clients. We are about shaping your technology for a remote workforce, threats and attacks to your servers and computers, planning budgets for success and showing you the options that our team compiles. We are not a computer store, nor are we an internet provider. We are the group that identifies your business’s IT needs and links you to the best solutions.

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