Brock IT offers Managed IT Services to Ontario Businesses, Municipalities and Institutions. We service companies with multiple locations. We pride ourselves as being the IT Department for our partners.

We also do a high-level Cyber Security and Infrastructure Audit for businesses and municipalities. Our audits help other Managed Service providers and internal IT staff fix issues found at their clients or places of employment. We have not completed an audit without finding issues to address. Some of these issues have required urgent attention.

Brock IT looks at all the technology a Business has and works to make it simple, cost effective and efficient for the people who need Information Technology. We collaborate we many internet and telephony companies and make sure you are paying the right price and getting the best service. We handle everything from “A to Z” in Technology. This includes self-administered security cameras. Our people understand the leading-edge technologies to reduce any risks to you and your clients. We are about shaping your technology for a remote workforce, threats and attacks to your servers and computers, planning budgets for success and showing you the options that our team compiles. We are not a computer store, nor are we an internet provider. We are the group that identifies your business’s IT needs and links you to the best solutions.

Our Staff

Jonathan Bullock

Jonathan Bullock is the Managing Partner for Brock IT and 3rd level support. He has 15 years’ experience in IT, with ten of those years, in managing commercial IT support. He has experience managing the internal IT and has many years of experience managing the IT for numerous small and medium sized businesses in an MSP setting. Currently he acts as the Systems Administrator for Brock IT as well as the management functions required to run Brock IT. He received his education through Algonquin College in Information Technology Support as well as MCSA; Office 365 and CompTIA A+ certifications.

Tracey Bickle

Tracey Bickle is our Operations Manager and Human Resources consultant. Tracey has worked in the Human Resources both in Management and as a Generalist for 10 years with a wide variety of experience in Employment Standards, Health and Safety, Recruitment, Employee Relations, Terminations, Employee Morale, and Organizational Strategy. Tracey has a bachelor’s in business administration and is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) in good standing. Tracey also sits on the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) board for the Brockville chapter.

David LeSueur

David LeSueur has 20 years’ experience working with institutions, businesses and municipalities. He is currently CIO at Brock IT.

He worked as a System Analyst for the City of Brockville for 10 years, from 2000 to 2010, and in the private sector for the past 10 years. Over the past 10 years he has worked with 5 other municipalities and numerous businesses advising managing and implementing corporate wide and departmental solutions including complete technology refreshes.

David has completed his Municipal Management Dipl. M.A. in 2018 giving him a unique perspective on municipal and corporate Law, HR and Administrational requirements. Key capabilities are communicating with boards, council and staff as he has been a 2 terms City Councillor. David also was a software instructor at the 3 campuses of St. Lawrence College for a 9-year term.

Having worked with several businesses David familiar with an extensive number of software solutions. To name a few: PC Law, PS Suite, Zeiss, numerous financial systems, Telpay, ADP, Arc GIS, CRM platforms, MS Office, CriSys.

To contact David directly you can email him at


Sunny has his Diploma in Computer and Networking Support from St. Lawrence Kingston and has been trained in the latest technologies. He also has all of his workplace certifications such as ADOA, IASR, WHMIS. Sunny had his school placement with us and was exceptional over the others. Immediately after Sunny finished his schooling, we jumped on the opportunity to hire him. Since coming on board, Sunny has achieved his CompTIA A+ as well as his VMSP and VMTSP certifications.

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