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  • September, 4 2020
New Kingston Office

Brock IT has been steadily growing since our humble beginnings in the basement of Jonathan’s house back in the beginning […]

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  • July, 2 2020
What Is The Dark Web?

The dark web probably isn’t something you’re thinking about while checking your inbox in the morning. Most of us will […]

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  • May, 21 2020
5 Tips on Remote Working during COVID

COVID-19 has forced many of us to adapt to a work-at-home world. Your organization may be trying to adapt to […]

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  • May, 20 2020
10 tips for CyberSecurity in a post COVID world

Cybersecurity can seem overbearing to non-experts, and with the challenges of a growing organization, it can all too easily be […]

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  • April, 5 2020
How to choose a password

Passwords are unavoidable in our lives. Between your email, social media accounts, streaming services and other accounts, you likely have a list of login credentials you must manage.

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  • March, 3 2020
10 easy steps for Securing Office 365

As with anything you add to your workplace, an improper Office 365 suite can present security vulnerabilities. With that in […]

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  • May, 30 2019
Are you prepared for Server 2008 End of Life?

If you’re running Windows Server or SQL Server 2008 or 2008 R2, these versions are reaching the end of their […]

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  • May, 31 2018
Leveraging Office 365 In Small Businesses

At Brock IT we deal primarily with small and medium sized businesses around eastern Ontario and the most common statement […]

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  • February, 12 2018
Residential IT Partners

We get asked by almost every new client and at least weekly by random phone call if we do residential […]

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  • January, 24 2018
Shop Local or Shop Online. Why not Both?

Over the last decade we’ve seen an explosion of online retailers including Amazon, Wayfair or Ebay. There’s a lot to […]

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  • December, 9 2017
5 Keys to Disaster Recovery Planning

According to “IT Pulse” when IT Systems fail, and employees are unable to access their files, 552 employee work-hours are […]

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  • November, 24 2017
The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

STAY ONE STEP AHEAD OF POTENTIAL DISASTERS Prepare yourself before disaster strikes. When it comes to data backup and disaster […]

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  • November, 22 2017
5 Reasons You Should Invest In IT Services

In today’s world, businesses rely heavily on electronics for communication purposes, transactions and even to make or provide products to […]

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  • November, 12 2017
VoIP: Accessible enterprise class phone systems for all businesses

What Invention Was More Important Than The First Telephone? The second one, of course! Whether you’re business is just getting […]

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  • November, 4 2017
Ransomware: How Can I Protect My Business?

At the cost of $5 Billion in 2017, ransomware is taking center-stage attention in the news. Especially since it’s so […]

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  • October, 27 2017
System Slowdowns got you down?

It’s Just So Slow! System Slowdown Got You Down? It happens to everyone. We buy a new computer system, it’s […]

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  • October, 25 2017
Brock IT Announces New Partnership With Datto

Brock IT is happy to announce a new partnership with Datto, an industry leader in Backups, Disaster Recovery and Business […]

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  • October, 23 2017
All about latest WPA2 Wi-Fi vulnerability: KRACK

Someone rightly said “There is nothing completely secure if you are connected to the internet.” WiFi networks have always provided […]

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  • August, 4 2017
The Cloud? - What is it and why do I keep hearing about it?

Often, you hear about the ‘Cloud’ without really knowing what it means. It isn’t a physical thing, it’s a broad […]

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  • August, 1 2017
Trojans - Devious computer viruses

Trojans – Inspired by the art of war Most know the story of the Trojan Horse used by the Greeks […]

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  • July, 27 2017
Worms! - Just as slimy in your computer

A computer worm is a standalone malware program that copies itself in order to spread to other devices. Using networks […]

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  • July, 26 2017
Keyloggers – Watching everything you type

Keyloggers are programs or devices that record every keystroke you make. It can be used on anyone to watch and […]

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  • July, 26 2017
Mac malware - Quietly spying on you

Mac’s and Malware Mac, which is not exempt from malware infections, has caught itself a new bug. FruitFly is a […]

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  • July, 25 2017
Backups! Backups! Backups! And why they are important

It is always a good idea to keep regular backups. Duplicates of your most important data stored in a remote […]

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  • July, 20 2017
Phishing - Think before you click and how to identify fake emails

Ransomware is on the rise with more than 4000 ransomware attacks occurring every day since the beginning of 2016. (source: […]

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  • July, 18 2017
Ransomware - Could you get hit?

The short answer is yes. Everyone can be a victim of a Ransomware attack. Small businesses, mid or large sized […]

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  • June, 29 2017
New Ransomware Attack!

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Russel Brandom at Verge: “A major ransomware attack has brought […]

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  • May, 3 2017
WannaCry Ransomware?!

Below is a link to an article covering the WannaCry Ransomware attacks. WannaCry Article    

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