For many small business owners, cyber security does not top their day-to-day priorities. With so many business processes to manage, it is easy to fall behind on your security requirements. To make matters worse, many breaches can go undetected long before a crisis rears its head.

When an IT crisis hits, however, it can be paralyzing to your business. Your client’s information can be compromised, your credentials can be stolen, and critical files can be held ransom. Without proper backup measures, you may not even be able to completely recover from a disaster.

If you have been considering sustainable options for keeping your business safe, Managed IT Services like the ones we offer at BrockIT might be the solution. The following are signs you may need to consider Managed IT Services for your business.

“Frankenstein” IT support

Many small businesses get by with a “Frankenstein IT support” model. This is basically when your IT needs frequently change hands with no accountability. Maybe you have a tech savvy intern or contact who helps you set up your network or troubleshoot your issues.

This type of IT support leads to sloppy and inconsistent attention to network security. Even worse, it leaves your data security at the mercy of whoever is helping you at the time.

When dealing with your business’s cybersecurity, you need proven experience and consistent dedication to ensure you are as safe as possible from malicious actors.

Reactive measures

One of the biggest advantages of a dedicated IT service is that it makes you proactive, not reactive. When dealing with an IT disaster, you must consider the following questions:

  • How long did it take to find the problem?
  • What has been affected?
  • How long until a solution is implemented?
  • How can you recover?
  • How can you prevent this problem from reoccurring?

A temporary IT contractor will be invested in your downtime. That is, after all, how they will make money. A dedicated IT professional, on the other hand, will be invested in your uptime. The latter will therefore take steps to mitigate risk and will be invested in more sustainable solutions when problems arise.

Information drought

Do you know what your IT costs will be for the year? What is your game plan for recovering from a disaster? Are your business credentials being sold on the dark web?

There is a plethora of questions relating to your cyber security. As a small business owner, you probably do not immediately know the answers. You should, however, have someone to turn to with these questions.

Having an IT point person who understands your businesses specific needs and vulnerabilities will help keep you one step ahead of attackers.

Having the right Managed IT Service will give you consistency in your IT budget.

Crisis to catastrophe pipeline

From breaches to natural disasters, there is no 100% way to keep you free from an emergency. A lack of proper planning and best practices, however, can escalate these emergencies. By having a dedicated IT professional craft your policies and test your staff’s readiness, you can mitigate risk and avoid turning a crisis into an all-out catastrophe.

Unnecessary stress

One of the most valuable things Managed IT services can provide you is peace of mind. As you grow, you need to be focusing on satisfying your customers. Having an unstable IT support system is an unnecessary stress that can pull your attention and resources from where they need to go.

Managed IT Services can meet the unique security needs of your business. It brings you decades of IT experience at a reasonable and dependable price.

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