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At Brock IT, we work with our clients as their IT Services Partner. There is an important distinction between a partner and a provider. For us, that means we work with your staff to be indistinguishable from an internal IT Department.

Well, doesn’t every IT company say that? Yes, they do. But ask yourself, when was the last time your IT provider handed you a fully flushed out budget of your IT needs for the next 24 months? Do they have specific metrics that they are accountable for? How often do you meet with them?

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services has widely become the most sought form of outsourced IT support in the industry because it provides the most value to the client. With unlimited support it forces your IT provider to be invested in your up time to maintain their bottom line instead of the by the hour services that require you to be down and call to get their pay cheque.

Most Managed IT Service providers these days are very proactive in their monitoring and problem solving to keep their costs down. So what really is the difference between IT providers? To be honest, not a lot anymore. Any companies who were any good at what they did have moved to this model and that means they’re all pretty similar in services offered. The differentiation comes in quality of work and speed.

If it takes 2 days for someone to get back to you about your issue, what’s the point in unlimited? We have strict response time metrics that we review with our clients quarterly to confirm we’re meeting their expectations and hopefully exceeding them.

All of these things are reviewed quarterly with your vCIO to make sure we are aligned with your business goals to provide you effective and accurate advice tailored to you.

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Virtual Chief Information Officer

Your vCIO is your virtual Chief Information Officer and performs most of the same duties that an internal Chief Information Officer would. Those duties include budgeting, disaster recovery planning, auditing security and infrastructure, telecommunications procurement, and even crafting an IT roadmap for the next few years.


Your vCIO will help you with all your IT budgeting needs like planning out new hardware purchases and coming up with a reasonable yearly budget based on your growth. This budget will be used for all IT planning and will be updated every year. Typically, budgets are done in 1,2 and 3 year increments but we can do up to 5 years for more mature businesses with a linear growth line to plan based on.


Audits are performed on a regular basis to confirm your infrastructure is up to date and functioning as expected. This confirms no changes have been made outside of the IT plan and that the changes in the IT plan are still in line with your business goals.

CyberSecurity audits are also performed on a yearly basis. Some of the processes within this audit involve random Phishing tests on your staff to confirm they can spot phishing attempts and report them to the correct people. Other factors in your audit include reviewing password policies and the last time people have changed their passwords including administrators such as Brock IT staff.

Disaster Recovery Planning

One of the most important tasks of a vCIO is to create a disaster recovery plan. This plan is sometimes as simple as a one page document explaining what to do for different scenarios up to an entire binder due to the complexity of your environment. A good disaster recovery plan should include several different scenarios, the challenges involved and what the solutions are to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

But what good is a plan without testing? Not only do we create the plan, but we test all your backups automatically every night and manually by a live technician once a month.

If you’d like to see what kind of information goes into our Disaster Recovery Plans, check out our Disaster Recovery Checklist blog post for 6 easy steps of any disaster recovery situation.

Telecommunications Negotiations

One of the less glamorous but extremely important tasks of a vCIO are controlling the cost creep we find with telecommunications providers. We’ve all had it where we sign up with an internet provider at one rate and within 2 years it’s almost double the price. Your vCIO will work with representatives you have at the major telecom companies to get your price in line with our reasonable pricing standards.

This isn’t just Internet either, we will negotiate your Cell phone and landline or VoIP contracts as well. Often, we’ll send out a Request for Proposal to the major carriers to have them compete for the contract to confirm we’re getting you the best possible price.

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